Multi-Vitamin Moisturizing Cream™ 4 oz. Tube

Multi-Vitamin Moisturizing Cream™ 4 oz. Tube

Product Description

We highly recommend this moisturizer for use with the Hydro-Sal Fade Formula.  We suggest applying the Hydro-Sal at night and the Multi-Vitamin Moisturizer Cream in the morning.

This Multi-Vitamin Cream blends Vitamins A,C,D,E, and K as well as other botanical extracts to maximize the moisturizing of dry skin.  It contains antioxidants and penetrates the skin, diminishing the effects of aging.  Apply liberally, twice daily on face, neck, and hands to maintain soft and vibrant skin.  You may also use this as a general moisturizer all over your body.  This is a potent moisturizer.  It may be diluted by first wetting the skin before applying the cream. 

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