Bussell Skin Care by Beverly Hills Dermatology Consultants

Beverly Hills Dermatology Consultants was established by Beverly Hills dermatologist, Letantia Bussell M.D., in 1979. Since opening, its practitioners have treated thousands of patients with all skin types and dermatologic conditions.

Drawing on forty years of experience, Dr. Bussell has created a special line of products, specifically designed to meet her patients’ varied needs. These tried and true formulas combine high quality, gentle ingredients in order to effectively treat a wide range of skin types.

Every product from Bussell Skin Care was specially developed by Dr. Bussell, who created the line in response to her patients’ needs for unique combinations of ingredients that were otherwise not available.

These special formulas have been designed by Dr. Bussell to not only improve the skin’s appearance, but to also help prevent skin cancer, skin discoloration, irregular texture, and permanent acne scarring. The entire line of products is available in the office and online.

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433 N. Camden Dr. #805 Beverly Hills, CA 90210

The primary goal at Beverly Hills Dermatology Consultants is healthy skin for everyone

The formulations in this product line have been designed by Dr. Bussell not only to improve the appearance of patients' skin but, more importantly, to aid in the prevention of skin cancer, skin discoloration, irregular texture, and permanent acne scarring.  These products are available in the office and can also be ordered online.

Beverly Hills Dermatology Consultants is committed to excellence in patient skin care.

Skin Care at Beverly Hills Dermatology Consultants

Bussell Skin Care products are the most effective when used in conjunction with treatments performed in the office.

At Beverly Hills Dermatology Consultants, practitioners offer complete clinical and cosmetic dermatological services. Dr. Bussell has additionally developed her own patented cosmetic procedures to help reduce the effects of aging, available only at Beverly Hills Dermatology Consultants. These procedures provide a minimally invasive alternative to more extensive plastic surgery, with results that last for years. They include the exclusive Bussell Two-Stitch Mini Face Lift™, the Bussell Button Lift™ and Facial-Electro Resurfacing™. Following these procedures, most patients return to work the next day. Additionally, Botox, Juvederm and other injectable fillers aid in smoothing the skin's surface and reducing lines and wrinkles.

Practitioners at Beverly Hills Dermatology Consultants are experts in the treatment of ethnic skin and provide specific services and products designed to meet the unique needs of these skin types.

For more information on cosmetic procedures, body scans and skin treatments, visit the official Beverly Hills Dermatology Consultants website or consult the official blog to have access to skin care advice from Dr. Bussell.

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